Friday, April 15, 2011

Eraserheads- Waiting For The Bus [LIVE]

Waiting for the Bus---surero....I always picture this song during my college days na tipong nagdo-dorm ka somewhere near the University Belt and tipong Sabado, pauwi ka ng province like Pampanga or Laguna, with your weekend laundry and some stuff like you handy discman/mp3/iPod. And then there is the traffic.Sleepy mode. After a while you reminisce the girl that you really like while you are traveling (This even influenced me to write a song about this scenario, but that is a different story )...Ah,those were the days ma friend...

You can check out the Eraserheads chords and lyrics for the chords and lyrics of Waiting For The Bus.

Anyways here is a video from the Final Set Concert where the Fab Four off this shores, the Eraserheads sang it like it was like,uhm, yesterday.....


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