Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eraserheads Chords and Lyrics You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

The title is one of the Eheads ditties during their Pillbox Magazine creating era.You know that they've written two funtabulous magazines during their heyday right? Those two magazines are real collector's item now and are really super hard to find. Those are GEMS especially for an Eraserheads stalker.

Guys if you notice, there are new pages on the sidebar (right panel)of this little humble website of ours [hint]------> wink, wink. There is Ely Buendia's The Pillar which is a short story written by Ely that appeared on Rogue magazine (Rogue, March 2009).

Check out our
Eraserheads Chords and Lyrics page too! This is GREAT and DECENT page of a lot of Eraserheads fave songs complete with chords that you can jam whenever you feel like being Ely Buendia, Markus Adoro, Buddy Zabala or Raimund Marasigan.

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