Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eraserheads Buddy Zabala - Awesome Bass Clinic

Buddy Zabala or Hector "Buddy" Avacena Zabala (born November 13, 1971), is one of the most prolific bass player in the country. Now THAT is a fact. Just listen to his bass playing in such classic songs like "Toyang","Shake Yer Head"(Ultraelectromagneticpop),"Fruitcake"(Fruitcake),"Shadow","Slowmo" "Overdrive" and "Alkohol"(Cutterpillow)just to name a few, is pure bliss.

I personally can compare his bass playing from that of The Beatles' Paul McCartney.Without Buddy's cool, groovy basslines baka naging half-baked yung sound ng Eraserheads. Not to mention his being a multi-instrumentalist player, i dare say borders on genius.

Learn his playing styles and tricks by reading his mind. Pakinggan natin99 is Buddy!

Here, he passionately lectures on how to play bass at a clinic held at Backdoor Ventures' Arts and Music Festival (2007) Also on the last part is a short jam by Noel Cabangon and friends.

Special mention to youtuber alecksky for sharing this!

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