Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eraserheads Says POP U! [ The Notorious First Album]

The success of the Eraserheads is quite uncanny. From their humble beginnings at their UP Dorm in Molave, to their rise to the Hall of Fame, who could have believe that this snot-nosed band with a punk-attitude can be such a hit?

Record companies dismissed the band saying they have no potential and they are not good-looking even (that is according to the Heads themselves).

Remember when, as a sign of retribution to the recording industry, they named their classic demo album "Pop U!", a biting remark suggesting a big "F%*k You" to everyone who didn't believe.

The underground demo "album" was recorded in an old makeshift studio facility at the UP Faculty Center with the help of Raimund Marasigan's UP Professor,Sir Robin Rivera. Recording was done in two days, March 26 and 27, 1991.

Tracks included:

Dying Slow
Wishing Wells *
Scorpio Rising **
One Last Angry Look
Fading River
Tindahan Ni Aling Nena ***
Pare Ko ***
Milk And Money ****
Venus In The Country
Toyang ***

* - included in the album "Circus"
** - included in the album "Aloha Milky Way"
*** included in the album "Ultraelectromagneticpop"
**** included in the album "Sticker Happy"

They say that the Eraserseads wrote silly ditty and "baduy" lyrics in the album Ultra and eventually grown in sophistication album after album, but that is bullshit. The Eraserheads, especially Ely was already a remarkable lyricist even before Ultra came out. Songs from Circus and Sticker Happy already came out before Ultraelectromagneticpop via POP U!

Ely Buendia explained that it was all marketing strategy ( during his radio interview with Jugs and Kelvin, of the Itchyworms)

Ain't they a clever lot? :)


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