Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eraserheads Experience - Raimund Marasigan Sings Everything They Say [live ]

This is one of the classic Eraserheads performance wherein Raimund Marasigan takes centerstage.

The event was the 1997 NU107 Rock Awards, where the Eraserheads performed Everything They Say, sung by Lemon who also wrote the song.

Raimund Marasigan, sporting his Beastie Boy getup, totally rocks out with his Beck-like moves. Ely Buendia playing bass (he played bass in his first band, Sunday School), Marcus plays guitar while Buddy programs the groovy effects and some block rockin' beats!!! What is cool about the eheads is that they are very much open to any musical idea and genre.

You can hear bits of folk, punk,reggae, jazz,blues,hiphop, techno and rock n' roll in some of their songs which is really cool. Props to drummer Raimund Marasigan for his creative efforts in making the eraserheads music more sophisticated sounding. Lemon is indeed Ely's Paul McCartney. :)

Enjoy this rare clip! eheads! eheads! eheads! (They can techno!)

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