Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eraserheads Forever

The Eraserheads is one of the most influential band in the Philippines and are regarded as "the Beatles of the Philippines". Now that in my book is the top of, coolness.

Creativity in songwriting is no doubt.
Their song depict the signs of the times. Anyone from the yuppies to the coƱos who frequent the discos, to the tambays and everyone in between can relate to their songs. They have simple but oftentimes biting lyrics. Ely can be such a straighforward and crafty lyricist. His words can oftentimes have double meanings that are both witty and cool. Mababaw and yet malalim. In short, hindi siya baduy na ikahihiya mong kantahin.

You sometimes swear that you could have written them yourself.

There are a lot of Eraserheads stories told time and time again. Marami na akong narinig na kwento from friends or from a friend of a friend that oddly has an eraserheads story to tell. But still we couldn't seem to have enough of them. Five years after the breakup, due to a lot of fans hungrily wishing and asking for a re-formed Eraserheads, a reunion miraculously took place.

Why miraculous? Well, as any respectable Eheads fan knows, the reason for the breakup was partially due to the band members not getting along very well particularly Ely and Raimund (ala John and Paul who also had moments of troubled relationship resulting in the disbandment of the Beatles ) aside from the usual musical differences bought by growing musical tastes.

Now all that is under the bridge and Ely, Raimund, Buddy and Marcus are all in good terms. All of them are successful with their solo, respected bands : Ely's Pupil, Raimunds's Sandwich and Pedicab,Buddy's the Dawn and Marcus with Marcus Highway.

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