Monday, July 4, 2011

Eraserheads Experience Spotlight on Marcus Adoro

Eraserheads Experience proudly presents: Marcus Adoro. It is debatable wether Marcus Adoro is really apt to be tagged in the Eraserheads as "the quiete one" (similar to George Harrison of the Beatles) but we seriously doubt it. Marcus has his own mind. He is able to speak with class if he really wants to.

The thing is, he knows that with the Eraserheads, Ely Buendia is the frontman. That is why he knows that Ely is the one who does the blabbing most of the time for the Eheads, when they were still active as a band. Now when it is time for his band Markus Highway, then he knows that that is the time when he can be in the front and center. And from past interviews for Markus Highway, we can see that Marcus can blab a lot. He is cool. He loves wordplay. He can be outspoken and truthful. He can bite the ass out of you!

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