Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eraserheads "Alapaap" - Saan Hango Ang Pamagat?

The Eraserheads hit "Alapaap" written by Ely Buendia, the title being an allusion to Tata Esteban's feature film debut titled "ALAPAAP" that was an entry to the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival.It stars Tanya Gomez, William Martinez and Mark Gil.

Alapaap was released as a cheap X-rated film in a sleazy theatre in Singapore, despite it is a production made in 1985.

It is a mixture of horror and sex, with poorly done technical effects (well, we can't expect the technical effects to be greatly done, as this is make 21 years ago.)which makes the movie laughable.

The story revolves Jake, a young movie maker who was hospitalized for drug overdose. He recovers and together with his good friend Dave and Donald (two brothers), who are also movie makers, they make their way to a hilly tribe to make a short film. Accompanied with them includes Dave and Donald's girlfriend.

They rented a house and the landlord told them not to enter his deceased daughter, Byens, bedroom. The night the lived in, they could sense something unusual is going on in the house. To be exact, it was Byen's spirit that came to them, where she was raped and murdered by 3 thugs 2 months ago.

Byen returned as human being and seduced Jake in the waterfall. Dave and Donald caught them and tape the process down. However, when they see the clip, they found out that Byen is not in the clip they taped it down. Never did they realized that Byen is seeking vengeance on them.

The plot is simple, just like the usual Asian horror film where a group of people meet a female ghost in rural areas. However, Alapaap delivers us with more than just the usual horror. Endless sex scenes make the whole movie look ridiculous, where it does not seems to go along with the flow of the film. Sex is the weapon used for vengeance, which makes the movie look like cheap X-rated film than a horror.

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