Friday, August 19, 2016

Eraserheads Pa Rin Talaga! Iba Talaga Pag Kumpleto ang Eheads

Kelan ang jam? 

Parang tanong naten lahat no? Unconsciously asking kelan ulet mangyayari ang tugtugan ng 'Heads na complete ung lineup nila. 

We go on with our lives, face our own personal problems, do our daily grind. Work , eat, sleep. And from time to time, hear that ol' familiar songs. Ligaya. Pop Machine.

Hinahanap hanap pa rin naten sina Ely,Buddy,Marcus @ Raimund.

Habang na-stranded ka na naman sa EDSA...... you lift yer head (todo emote). Ta's makikita mo eto:

Tapos mapapanood mo pa 'to sa Youtube:

Boom! Panes!

Saya Noh?

Ang sabi, "Smart brings together the Eraserheads to go all out for a new, complete prepaid offer, #SmartAllOutSurf 30!" 

Whatever. As long as they bring back these guys, it's ALL GOOD.


Oh, nag-tweet din si Raimund. Nasa Showtime daw ang Eraserheads!!!!!! Alam na this.


-for my bandmates Chris,Trd and Onin

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