Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eraserheads Experience - Ligaya [live at Fashion Cafe]

The Eraserheads in their early stage of stardom singing one of their earliest classic hit "Ligaya". This is definitely a good gig. The foursome did a great great job on this.Watch this now mga parekoy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eraserheads Experience - Remembering the Highlights of The Eheads Final Set

The Eraserheads really made a big impact in the Pinoy Music Scene and it is hard to ignore the fact that WE missed them a lot after they disbanded years ago.That is echoed during the Final Set Concert. Fans really went wild over the band and up to now a lot of us still goes giddy remembering THE event. I read this article a year ago from Inquirer and saved it on my notepad. I know a lot of you have read this one, this goes out for the younger generation of Eraserheads fans out there to read and enjoy, somehow relive the Eraserheads experience all over again!

10 Greatest Moments of Eraserheads’ Final Set

By Pam Pastor
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:49:00 03/14/2009

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IT WASN’T a group hug but it was pretty damn close.

10. After failed attempts by the audience to cajole the members of Eraserheads into doing an embrace (Ely Buendia told the crowd, “Kayo muna!”), Ely, Raymund Marasigan, Marcus Adoro and Buddy Zabala (and the Itchyworms’ Jazz Nicolas) walked to the front of the stage, put their arms around one another, and took a bow.

9. Souvenirs for the crowd. Many fans went home with souvenirs. The boys threw all sorts of stuff at their captive audience—water bottles, picks, drumsticks, even Ely’s shoes. (He was poised to throw his socks, which made everyone laugh. He didn’t.) Ely also gave away his jacket which, to the horror of countless fans online, was eventually cut up by the six people who caught it, so each of them could take home a piece. One crew member joined the fun—after the concert, he hurled at the crowd the container of lighter fluid Ely used when he lit up the piano. And people actually caught it.

8. Marcus singing a reggae version of “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong,” to the delight of the crowd. Raymund letting Jazz take over the drums so he could sing “Slo Mo,” “Alkohol” and “Insomnya.” It was funny to watch the crowd react every time Raymund teasingly approached Ely (of course, the whole world knows why). Buddy finally giving in to the crowd’s requests to take over the mic too, by singing two lines from “Fine Time”— “I don’t care if we sleep all day/Basta kayakap ka ay okay.” The ’Heads were more playful this time—it became clear they were more relaxed in this concert than in the previous reunion. They were actually having fun.
It’s always been said that the Eraserheads aren’t big on connecting with the audience and talking to the crowd, but not this time.

7. The sala set. After the first break, the boys emerged onstage in a more intimate setup, with Ely sitting on a couch and the others wielding acoustic instruments. That part of the concert felt so intimate—strange, given the crowd that numbered a hundred thousand. That brief moment, it didn’t feel like we were in a huge concert venue; it felt like we were in a small bar watching our favorite band. Ely deadpanned, “If you have any requests, pakibigay sa waiter.”

6. Ely singing the word “t---ina” when they played Pare Ko. I don’t think a cuss word has received that much applause, ever. When a guy shouted, “I love you, Ely!” Ely replied, “I love you too, pare,” without missing a beat.

5. The insane fireworks of “Overdrive.” They came as such a surprise that some people in front actually ducked.

4. The crowd singing “Ang Huling El Bimbo” while waiting for the Eraserheads to go onstage again. That was a goosebump-moment.

3. The tribute to Francis M. On the day of the concert, people were still trying to come to grips with the news of Francis Magalona’s death. He had been due to perform in the concert. The Eraserheads prepared a tribute instead— “Sumigaw tayo para kay Francis!” Ely said. The crowd broke into a deafening chant, “Francis! Francis!”

Raymund held up a sign that read, “Rock Ed Salutes The Man From Manila.” The band played “Superproxy” and “Kaleidoscope World,” with Ely rapping, instead of Francis. Many people online have written that the teleprompter set up in front of the stage must have been a big help when Ely had to rap “Superproxy.” Truth is, the lyrics of the rap were not on the teleprompter. Yes, Ely knows them by heart.

2. The burning of the piano. There was a confetti storm when the Eraserheads finally played “Ang Huling El Bimbo” but there was a bigger thing happening onstage. Before a shocked audience, Ely set the “Sticker Happy”piano on fire. It was Ely’s old piano which had been at ’70s Bistro for a long time, the piano featured on the “Sticker Happy” album cover. “We actually wanted to use the piano pero sira na ’yun. I don’t know if it was too expensive to repair or we just didn’t have enough time,” Raymund said. Did he know Ely would burn it? “He kinda mentioned it as a joke. He really wanted the piano onstage. But I guess he knew he’d do it; he had lighter fluid.”

1. Three for the road. The Eraserheads had done an encore, the show was over, or so everyone thought. People started to spill out of the concert grounds, the crew took over the stage and started packing up.

But then, Raymund returned and said, “Gusto ninyo pa ba?”

The crowd went wild. “Tawagin niyo si Ely!” “Tawagin ninyo si Marcus!”

Soon, the four were back onstage, standing in a circle. Ely asked the crowd, “Kaya ninyo pa ba?” Everyone was still going wild. “Okay. Three for the road,” he said. They played “Ligaya,” “Sembreak” and “Toyang.”

Ely finally left his comfort zone behind the mic stand and actually went down to the crowd, making people sing parts of Toyang. Asked later why they decided to play more songs, Raymund said, “Sobrang bitin pa kami ni Buddy! Gusto ko pa nga ng sampu eh!”

The extra songs may have been unplanned (and unrehearsed) but they did not come as a surprise.
Apparently, in the last rehearsals, Ely said, “’Pag hindi tayo tinigilan, dire-diretso lang tayo.”

This part of the show resonated so much with the crowd not just because they played three well-loved songs, but also because it gave fans hope that maybe, just maybe, like the fans, the Eraserheads didn’t want the night to end.

source: Inquirer.net

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ely Buendia - Sometimes, the title is all it takes [Cursor]

Did you know that Eraserheads ex-frontman Ely Buendia used to have a column for the Manila Bulletin? Yes! Ely Buendia had a broadsheet column, called "CURSOR," published every Saturdays in the Entertainment section of the Manila Bulletin. Some entries are “Cloning Music,” “Crude Little Robots,” “Biocast Entry No. 13,” “A Dystopian Holiday,” “Mental Floss,” and “A Cause for Elevation” which was his final article. Now because of Ely's busy musical career, CURSOR had ended and was last published during the first Saturday of September 2006.

Here is the debut entry that Ely Buendia wrote for Cursor.

Sometimes, the title is all it takes...
by ely buendia

Bsst! Over here! Yeah, you, holding the newspaper. Come and have a look at this.

It’s my new column in the entertainment section of this esteemed broadsheet. I’m Ely by the way. You don’t need to introduce yourself; I won’t be able to hear you.

See, I’ve got a bit of a problem. Well, two problems actually. One is, this being the debut and all; I don’t really know exactly what to write about. What’s that? Entertainment? What an awesome idea! It’s not only right for this section, writing about entertainment is also downright, well, entertaining!

It’ll be a cinch filling up this space. Wait, now you’ve got me thinking, entertainment? It’s such a broad term, it’ll take years, maybe even decades to discuss it. We don’t have that much time. If my calculations are correct, you’re going to shift your attention to other, more entertaining articles (or God forbid, the front page!) in a couple of minutes. We don’t want that.

And what passes for entertainment nowadays, anyway? Hell, some people find root canals entertaining. Not me. No, I wanna write about something worthwhile, not just some crap to fill up this space and meet deadlines. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from essay writing in high school, it’s never take your reader (or grade for that matter) for granted. Never, ever, under any circumstance, no matter how desperate or bereft of ideas you are, try to beat around the bush or use senseless arguments as padding for your work. People notice these things.

But on to more pressing matters. The other problem I told you about? I need a title for this column. What’s so hard about picking a title, you say? Well, you see, I have this theory that sometimes, the title is all it takes for something to sell. Case in point: I recently read that Hollywood still can’t reconcile the fact that last year’s critically acclaimed "Cinderella Man" flopped while the universally panned "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" opened at number one.

If you had absolutely no idea what these movies were about, which one would you watch? In reality, there are so many good movies that suffered greatly because of this. "Mystery Men" should have been a hit were it not for its vague title.

The Coen Brothers seem to have the record for sabotaging their great movies by giving them bad titles: "The Big Lebowski," "O, Brother Where Art Thou," "Fargo," and who can forget the it-looks-like-a-typo classic, "Blood Simple." Think about it, would the Mona Lisa be as famous if Da Vinci called it "Chubby Lady With Long Hair Smiling"?

Or imagine how much better an album Limp Bizkit’s "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" would be if they named it "Auburn Seaweed Marinated in Virgin Coconut Oil" instead. Okay, not really, but you get the picture.

As theories go, mine remains unproven, but I make it a law anyway. Sometimes it takes a lot longer to name a song than write one. I double- check everything. Is it definitive? Is it giving too much away? Is it not giving anything at all? Is it John Wayne classic? Has it been used already? Is it the truth? Is it fair to those involved? The creative mind swirls with endless considerations. Ah, but such is the cost of perfection. And we must practice what we preach, don’t we? Which is why I’m naming my column Polyglutamate Rigmarole Tomato. A bit unusual, perhaps, but…what? You don’t like it? Yeah, well some help you are. All this time you haven’t said anything and all of a sudden you’re a title expert. And look, while I’ve been trying to share my opinions I’ve run out of space. Perfect. Just perfect. Okay, what if it’s just P.R.T.? It’s short, sounds like L.R.T. and…what? You still don’t like it? Okay, that’s it.

This monologue is over.

Eraserheads - 1997 MTV Asia Viewer's Choice Award

This happened SEPT.13, 1997 Radio City Music Hall, New York City, USA.
The Eraserheads was awarded the coveted "Moon Man" trophy for having won the 1997 MTV Asia Viewer's Choice Award. This made them the FIRST EVER Filipino artists to win such award.

Eraserheads - "The Inside Story" w/ Loren Legarda

Me and my brother were always on the look out for Eraserheads interviews both on radio and tv. And especially on tv! we are both fans and so watching the band being interviewed was such a thrill!

After recently winning then, the Asian Viewer's Choice Award, the Eraserheads were interviewed in "The Inside Story" hosted by Loren Legarda.She asked how did the Eraserheads started, how did they compose their Eraserheads chords and lyrics and how those songs are open to interpretations. She also asked the band, their personal favorite eheads songs. Interesting watch kahit na luma na....

A special acoustic rendition of "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka" with Ms.Legarda jamming with the Eraserheads is found at the end.Huwag palalampasin! hehe

About the Eheads being a fad, the Eraserheads quipped, "We've been around for 6 years so it's too long to be a fad..." Tamaaaa! :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

Eraserheads Was Formed In Kalayaan!

The Eraserheads are so successful today but really, they were just scruffy college students who had big dreams, and who started out in a small way beggining here, in UP Diliman, Quezon City.The year was 1987.

They were just scruffy kids with a penchant for all genre of music . 1987 was the year when Ely Buendia first formed his college band, Bluidie Tryste, from the freshmen's dorm, Kalayaan Residence Hall at UP Diliman. Band members then were Raymund Dela Pena (aka "Luci") - vocals, guitars / Ely Buendia - bass / Earl Pangilinan - keyboards / Drexis Tabiligan -drums. Their first gig was in a "protest concert" in the AS building lobby.

The Eraserheads came about because they wanted "FREEDOM", it was fitting that the band was formed, of all places, in Kalayaan Residence Hall, UP Diliman.

According to an article in the now infamous Pillbox Magazine written by their friend and then-classmate Redel Ramos, Ely Buendia and Raymund "Luci" Dela Pena wanted to form a new band so they posted audition ads at Kalayaan dorm. Raymund (Marasigan) was the first to respond. His piece was The Cure's "Hot Hot Hot". He later invited Marcus and Buddy. They jammed at Alberto's rehearsal studio behind the Nepa Q-Mart in Cubao, Q.C. Nothing happened with that audition/jam.

Raymund Marasigan,Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro formed their own band called, The Curfew. They had a lady vocalist named Candy Pelayo covering bands such like The Primitives, The Housemartins, The Bolshoi, Gene Loves Jezebel, and The Soup Dragons.

Ely and Raymund "Luci" formed a new band called, Sunday School. They only had session drummers and Raymund Marasigan would sometimes session for them. Wanting to focus on jazz, instead of "new wave", "Luci" eventually left Sunday School. Raymund brought in Marcus and Buddy from Curfew and joined Ely; hence the merge gave birth to a new band called, Eraserheads.

" Minsan sa may kalayaan tayo'y nagkatagpuan/may mga sariling gimik at kaya-kanyang hangad sa buhay/sa ilalim ng iisang bubong mga sekretong ibinubulong/ kahit na anong mangyari kahit na saan ka man patungo... "

And that was the beggining of something wonderful.....really.